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Focusing on the needs of City Workers

Maximize Net Income.  Review individual team member’s annual wage and salary statements to maximize their personal income by determining if a lower tax bracket yields more take-home pay, if monies are coming out of payroll that team members are unaware of, if monies are coming out of payroll that is outdated or should be stopped, if monies are being set aside for retirement properly out of pre-tax gross wages, etc.  (2/7/2019)


Expand Public Safety Collective Bargaining Benefits.   Redefine or expand the definition of “Public Safety Worker” to expand  the number of departments eligible for Public Safety Collective Bargaining benefits.  Review the possibility of hybrid unions and single-source unions. (1/1/2015) (Inspired by the Costco Employee Business Model and an Economic Policy Institute article, entitled “ A profile of union workers in state and local government”)


Update Benefit Packages.  Review individual team member’s benefits packages to ensure health care and family care needs are covered or to determine if there are any lapses in benefits or if certain benefits need to be reinstated.  (2/7/2019)


Review Personnel Files To Ensure Certification Compliance, Job Performance, and Opportunity Advancements. Review team member’s personnel files to ensure job certification compliance; ensure that all earned promotions have been given; to update and expand emergency contact information; to review vision, hearing, dexterity and other job-related health matters have been updated; and to determine future career goals—desired advancement, preferred work schedule, anticipated retirement date, etc.  (2/7/2019)


Review and Update Departmental Staffing, Equipment and Facility Needs.  Working with Departments to determine personnel, facility, equipment and other needs and compare the needs to personnel, facility, equipment and other wants – How closely are the needs and wants aligned?  Will the “wants” increase productivity and/or reduce waste?  How badly has a department’s needs been ignored and what can be done about it, within the current budget?  The goal is to determine department needs, wants and create an appropriate action plan for acquiring needs and justifiable wants.  (2/7/2019)


Review and Update Department Budgetary Needs.  Working with Departments to create open-access departmental budgets that accounts for all revenues (i.e. revenue-makers and programs that earn the department money, in-kind donations including volunteer labor hours, etc.) as well as all expenditures.  The goal is to create individual department zero-based budgets that can eventually be phased into the department’s annual operating budget.  (2/7/2019)


Create Comprehensive Employee Handbook.  Review the Fort Wayne Employee Handbook, making updates as needed, making it comprehensive and inclusive of all departments, and making it publically accessible, online and/or offline at the Main Branch of the Public Library. (2/7/2019)(Inspired by the State of Indiana and Costco Employee Business Model.)

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