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Focusing on the needs of Businesses

Business Personal Property Tax:  Would sign legislation passed by City Council in favor of the elimination of Business Personal Property Taxes. 


Business Tax Abatements:  With very few exceptions, assuming Business Personal Property Tax legislation fails City Council, will not sign off of abatements, tax incremental finance districts or other forms of local economic development incentives that have the same effect as tax abatements. 


Modify the Transient Vendor Permit Application and Permit Process:  Require the process to start with the City Clerk’s office;  to have a background check complete, as is currently required, but allow the background check to originate with the Fort Wayne Police Department ($7 fee) or an online service provider ($19.95 SentryLink); reduce the permit fee from $250 to $50 for everybody; and make the permit good for one year (365 days instead of 120 days).

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