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“Someday, you could be Mayor.” 

~ Mayor Winfield Moses to a 9-year old 3rd grader named Gina , during a Girl Scout field trip to the Mayor’s Office in May, 1981.



Dear Family, Friends and Neighbors,


Welcome to my campaign website and to the new future of Fort Wayne.  With your support and encouragement, I am thrilled, honored, and humbled to be running for the Office of Mayor.  


It’s hard to imagine that 38 years ago, as a small, quiet and precocious child, sitting in the leather executive chair of the most powerful, influential and beloved man of the time, Mayor Win Moses, would take the time to look upon my shy, quiet and timid face and say, “Someday, you could be Mayor.”  And today, here I am. 


As a former CEO, current small business developer, former business manager and current entrepreneur, I have dealt with a variety of financial, human resource, and legal matters.  I routinely engage in contract negotiations and compliance matters, budgeting and forecasting, creative capitalism, increasing revenues and return on investment, decreasing liabilities, and developing innovative but practical logistical processes that focus on problem-solving.  These practical real-world experiences combined with my educational and life experiences make me a natural choice for Mayor of Fort Wayne.


This year’s Mayoral race is sure to be exciting.  I am the youngest candidate in a field of tough candidates, the only Generation X candidate and the only female candidate.  I am a trailblazer who is making history on the Democratic Primary ballot by being the first Democratic Woman to seek election to the Office of Mayor.  I am also the first candidate to have been inspired and encouraged as a child to run for the Office of Mayor, by a former seated Mayor – someone who was wise enough to know that our children are this Community’s true legacy.


The most exciting thing about this year’s Mayor’s race, however, isn’t the candidates, their qualifications, or their experiences.  The most exciting thing is their vision for change.  My vision is a Game Changer.  It’s about getting back to basics, reprioritizing needs over wants, and creating a community where everyone feels included.


I would encourage each of you to explore this site. In the “About Gina” section, you’ll get a better chance to learn more about my education, business experience, public policy experience, and more.   In the “On the Issues” section, you’ll see how I’ve focused on the needs of our Residents, our City Workers, and our Businesses in addition to proposing General Reforms, Financial and Tax Reforms, while working to increase Transparency, Accountability and Accessibility.   Of course, there’s plenty of other areas to explore as well.


Please be sure to Donate, Volunteer, check your Voter Registration status (or Sign Up to Vote, if you haven’t already), follow me on social media and more.  (And, of course, vote!! Democrat!)  If you have a question, would like to comment on something, or just want to reach out and say “Hello!”, please feel free to contact me.


I look forward to the privilege and honor of serving you and our Community as the next Mayor of Fort Wayne, YOUR Mayor.




Gina M. Burgess,

Your Future Mayor

Committee to Elect Gina Burgess d/b/a VOTE GINA BURGESS
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